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The Hoogland Spine Products Company

The innovative, patented instruments of the maxmorespine® system provide access to all lumbar disc levels as well as versatile manipulation and treatment of disc pathology without unnecessary destabilization of the spine or intervertebral disc which results from open spine surgery. The approach and technique allows for a complete management of disc degeneration and facet joint hypertrophy making it not only the safest, but most effective system currently on the market

Who we are

Why Maxmorespine®

The maxmorespine® system is less invasive and much safer than alternative conventional treatments such as open lumbar microdiscectomy and other endoscopic procedures. The transforaminal approach allows for the targeted access and treatment of all herniated lumbar discs, regardless of size and disc level, especially L5-S1.


How we're different

Only the maxmorespine® system includes a proprietary drill system design with blunt tips to prevent damage to the nerve root, ganglion or dura during the foraminoplasty procedure.


Spinal Solutions

The endoscopic technique for the treatment of disc diseases has proven to be an effective solution for a variety of spinal conditions including; far lateral herniated discs, foraminal stenosis, bone spurs, scoliosis, tumors, recurrent herniations and prior unsuccessful spine surgery.

Advantages of maxmorespine®

  • Outpatient procedure
  •  Local anesthetic
  •  Appropriate for patients unable to tolerate open surgery or general anesthesia
  •  Safe approach without damage to nerve root, ganglion or dura
  •  No limitation in size or location of herniation
  •  Effective decompression and foraminoplasty
  •  Tissue sparing, less post-operative scar tissue formation
  •  Quicker healing with less rehabilitation and rapid return to activities
  •  Reduced post-operative pain requiring little or no pain medication
  •  Smaller incision results in lower incidence of infection and blood loss
  •  Does not preclude other spine surgery
  •  Minimal procedure disposable costs

Meet our doctors


Dr. Gun Choi

M.D., Ph.D.
Dr. Gun Choi, M.D., president of Wooridul Hospital in Pohang, Republic of Korea, is one of the spine endoscopic procedure experts in the world who performed over 3,000 cases and issued 10 SCI international academic journals. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree and completed his residency training at the Hanyang University of Korea. And he went on to receive Master’s Degree and Doctor of Medicine in neurosurgery. Currently he is serving as a representative of Asian Society of Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery and the president and chairman of World Congress of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery and Techniques (WCMISST) .

Dr. Robert Saftic

M.D., M.S.
Dr Robert Saftic is medical director at the Axis Specialty hospital in Croatia. Spinal neurosurgeon and pioneer in endoscopic spine surgery in South-East Europe. Always following the philosophy of choosing the most effective and least invasive methods of treatment for his patients. Since the year 2010, many patients from 20 different countries visited him in Croatia for treatment. Internationally accepted and recognized expert in field of endoscopic spine surgery.

Assoc. Prof. Karlo Houra

M.D., Ph.D.
Prof. Karlo Houra is a board certified neurosurgeon specialized in interventional pain management and minimally invasive spine surgery. Since 2017. prof. Houra joined Axis Specialty Hospital team and has master lumbar and thoracic endoscopic spine procedures. He also teaches students at Medical School University of Rijeka and University of North in Varazdin. Prof. Houra is an active member of Croatian Neurosurgical Society and a member of the Board of Directors at Croatian Vertebrological Society.


M.D., Ph.D.
Dr Choi graduated from Kyung-Hee Medical University in Korea in 1997. He did an internship at the same university the year after. In 2006 he did his orthopedic residency at the Seoul Sacred Heart General Hospital. And received his Ph.D. title in 2019 at the Chung-Buk National University. Dr. Choi is a specialist in spine surgery. He was spine center surgeons form 2006-2011 in Seoul, did a AO fellowship in 2010 in Basel, Switzerland and was Chief spine surgeon from 2012-2018 at Barun Hospital, Jiju, Korea. Now he is Co-Chairman of Himnaera Hospital, Pusan, South Korea.

Dr. V. Daya Thirumala Rao

Dr. Rao’s vast experience in Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy (PELD) and LASE (Laser Assisted Spinal Endoscopy) – Percutaneous Endoscopic Laser Annuloplasty (PELA) technique for lumbar disc prolapse (SCIATICA) coupled with his specialisation in Endoscopic spine surgery allows his team in India to perform Spine Surgeries in a Day Care environment.

Dr. Beat Wälchli

M.D., D.C.
Beat Wälchli is a board certified orthopaedic surgeon, specialized in the treatment of spinal diseases. Areas of expertise include the conservative and surgical treatment of degenerative changes of the spine (e.g. endoscopic and microsurgical disc surgery, minimal invasive spinal surgeries and complex revision surgeries).

Dr. Krzysztof Lokas

Dr Krzysztof Łokas is a leading Polish orthopaedic and spine surgeon specialising in minimally invasive and endoscopic procedures of the spine. His focus in this field is in transforaminal and translaminar endoscopic discectomy. He is focused on vertebroplasty, nucleoplasty, and he is involved in treating degenerative diseases of the spine, scoliosis, spondylolisthesis and pain treatment using radiofrequency techniques. He holds a specialist diploma in orthopaedic surgery and traumatology. He works as the senior spine surgeon and consultant for spinal surgery at the Hospital for Minimally Invasive Surgery in Bielsko Biała. And he is part of the medical team of Europainclinics performing endoscopic discectomies and stenosis decompressions at their clinics in Prague and Kosice. He also works as a trainer for MaxMoreSpine.

Dr. Rudolf Morgenstern and Dr. Christian Morgenstern

M.D., Ph.D.
Dr. Rudolf Morgenstern and Dr. Christian Morgenstern are one of the most experienced endoscopic spine surgery teams in Europe. Dr. Rudolf Morgenstern is the head of the Morgenstern Spine Institute at the private Centro Médico Teknon in Barcelona. He is a fellowship trained spine surgeon with 20 years of experience in endoscopic spine surgery. He has continuously developed and innovated techniques in the field of spine surgery. He was the first to develop and use an expandable cage for percutaneous fusion via an endoscopic approach. Dr. med. Christian Morgenstern was trained in orthopedic and trauma surgery. Additionally, he holds a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering and an engineering degree. Together they hold more than 150 publications.


Dr. Cesar Luiz Bertonha is a Brazilian Neurosurgeon and Manager of the Clinica Bertonha in Campinas - Sao Paulo. He has a large experience in endoscopic spine surgery and is an expert in cervical, thoracic and lumbar lesions procedures. Since 2013 he fully focussed on endoscopic spine surgery and followed courses around the world, and received a postgraduate degree at USP Ribeirao Preto. As an experienced MaxMoreSpine user he was a teacher for many Brazilian surgeons in this specific technique.

Dr. Róbert Rapčan

M.D., Ph.D., MBA, FIPP
Dr. Róbert Rapčan is an interventional pain management specialist certified in Sweden, Norway, the UK, the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic. Co-founder of the EuroPainClinics brand and Medical Director of EuroPainClinics workplaces in Slovakia and Czech Republic, a leading European expert in minimally invasive pain procedures and percutaneous endoscopic spine procedures. He is a pioneer of percutaneous endoscopic spine surgery in both Slovakia and Czech Republic. From 2014 until the present time, he has done more than 3000 percutaneous endoscopic discectomies. He is the current president of the Slovak Interventional Pain Society and a member of the board of experts in a prestigious interventional educational web portal PainCast.

Dr. Matheus Felipe Borges Lopes

Neurosurgeon and an expert in endoscopic spine surgery with active participation in the national and international scene. Graduated in Medicine at the State University of Montes Claros, in Brazil, 2010, specialized in Neurosurgery by the Brazilian Society of Neurosurgery (SBN) and MEC (Ministry of Education) at the Santa Marcelina Hospital in São Paulo, where he acquired expertise in all fields of Neurosurgery. Instructor of courses in spinal endoscopic surgery in Brazil. Nowadays his neurosurgery practice is at São Paulo, working in a private practice in Instituto de Ciência Neurológicas de São Paulo ICNE-SP, Beneficência Portuguesa Hospital, affiliate surgeon of many hospitals in São Paulo and consultant of endoscopic spine surgery.

Dr. Daniel Iglesias

M.D., Ph.D.
Dr. Daniel Iglesias is a Spanish Orthopaedic spine surgeon, being a comprehensive spine surgeon that moreover is expert in endoscopic spine surgery. He is been performing endoscopic procedures since 2017, being a pioneer of this technique in his city Zaragoza, and a teacher for many surgeons in endoscopy. Dr. Iglesias tries to improve patient care through the advancement of new and better treatments and technology for spine surgery so he continuously introduces innovative techniques in treating his patients to improve their quality of life.

Dr. Mariusz Śmigiel

M.D., Ph.D.
His orthopaedic career was firmly connected with District Trauma Hospital in Piekary Slaskie in Poland. He started dealing with the treatment of injuries and diseases of the spine in 1995, and since 2000 he have played as vice-chief of the spinal ward. In 2008 he left Piekary Śl. and he started working in a private Hospital as a consultant, where he is active till now. He specializes in minimally invasive procedures of the lumbar spine. He`s been performing endoscopic procedures using the outside-in technique with MaxMoreSpine instrumentation since march 2012. He`s been cooperating with the MaxMoreSpine Company since 2015, leading workshops, and performing operations in many countries.

Dr. Priyank Uniyal

National Board certified Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon and followed a fellowship training in MISS at the Wooridul Spine Hospital in Korea. I am an expert in Endoscopic Spine Surgery and MISS. I work at the MAX Superspeciality Hospital in Dehradun, India as Senior Consultant Spine Surgeon since 2016. I am one of the leading Endoscopic Spine Surgeons performing PELD in India. I train many fellows from all across the globe.

Dr. Kang Taek Lim

Dr. Kang Taek Lim is a well known Neurosurgeon who developed the PSLD instruments for Stenosis and Interlaminar cases of MaxMoreSpine. His technique is unique and therefore he is a frequent teacher of PSLD methods all over the world. Currently he is President of Good Doctor Teun Teun Spine Hospital in Korea. He also is Director of KOMISS and ACMISST and many other international congresses focussing on minimally invasive spine surgery.

Dr. Xifeng Zhang

Dr.Xifeng Zhang M.D. is one of the Minimally Invasive Spine Pioneers in China. Since 2002, Dr. Xifeng Zhang had applied Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery to Spine tuberculosis, Spinal degenerative diseases, Spinal Infection and Spinal tumor. More than thousands of physicians were trained by Dr. Xifeng Zhang. Currently he has finished more than 10,000 all kinds of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgeries, and over 6,000 spine endoscopic surgeries. He is one of the physicians who had completed the most spine endoscopic surgeries in China. Dr. Zhang has issued 9 SCI international academic journals.

Dr. Valentyn Piontkovskyi

Dr. Valentyn Piontkovskyi is Head of the Department of Orthopaedics, Traumatology and spinal surgery of Rivne Regional Clinical Hospital. He also is Chief Freelance Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeon of the Main Healthcare Department of Rivne Regional State Administration. He act as the Chairman of the Board of the Association of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeons of Rivne region. Next to this roles he is the author of 53 publications for medical journals and the co-author of a reference book "Degenerative Spine Disease". And a regularly attendee of international events dedicated to current problems of Traumatology, Orthopaedics and Vertebrology. And also a member of ISMISS and AO-trauma, AO – Spine.

Dr. Yong Tang

M.D., Ph.D.
Dr. Yong Tang is Associated professor of the well known Sun Yat-sen University. He also is Co-Director of Minimally Invasive Spinal Centor, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital. As the most frequent invited surgeon of PETD surgery in South China, Dr Yong Tang is highly rated amongst colleagues and patients. He was the first surgeon who performed spine surgery with the Da Vinci Robot in China, and the first surgeon who accomplished full-endoscopic uniportal retropharyngeal odontoidectomy in China.

Dr. Bernard MK Lee

Dr Bernard MK Lee is the founder and medical director at the Singapore Paincare Center and was associate professor of Santa Tomas University in Philippines. He is an interventional spinal pain specialist with special interest in endoscopic spine surgery. He has vast experience in spinal interventions ranging from IDET, Nucleoplasty to Neuroplasty adhesiolysis and radiofrequency ablation of DRG and Facet Joints. His endoscopic journey started from percutaneous disc decompression using disc FX and was an early adopter of endoscopic decompression in Singapore. Having trained under Dr Anthony Yeung, Dr Gun Choi, Dr Girish Datar, Dr Kim Hyeun Sung, Dr Lim Kang Taek and Dr Pornpavit Sripirom, he has performed more than 100 endoscopic decompression of lumbar spine arising from disc herniation or canal stenosis since 2015 till date.

Dr. Gun Keorochana

Dr. Gun Keorochana, M.D. is one of the top opinion leaders in minimally invasive spine surgery in Thailand. He graduated doctor of Medicine with 1st class Honors from Siriraj hospital, Mahidol university and complete spine fellowship from Ramathibodi hospital Mahidol university and UCLA, USA. Currently he is serving as an associate professor of spine unit, Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi hospital, Mahidol University. He did plenty of researches and publications in endoscopic and minimally invasive spine surgery.

Dr. Issam A. Daoud

Dr. Issam A Daoud, M.D., lecturerer of neurosurgery and spine surgery in the Zagazig university Hospital in Egypt since 2006, is one of neurosurgeons mastering the spine endoscopic procedure in the world who performed over 500 cases through the last 4 years using the MaxmoreSpine system in Egypt after getting training and certificate , advanced fellowship in endoscopic, Laser and minimally invasive spine surgery from the American spine center in USA in 2015 and 2016. He is helping in the training of any spine surgeon in Egypt and the middle east who likes to be trained on performing endoscopic spine surgery using MaxmoreSpine system in Egypt.

Dr. Yu-Jen Lu

M.D., Ph.D.
Dr Yu-Len Lu is Clinical Associate Professor, Division of neurosurgery, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou, Medical center, Taoyuan in Taiwan. He also is Assistant Professor, Chang Gung University, school of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Taiwan. He visited a large number of international spine congresses and is an active member of various societies.

Dr. Liho-Hsu

Dr. Liho-Hsu is Chief of Orthopedic Minimal Invasive Surgery Center within the EN CHU KONG Hospital in Taiwan. He also is Adjunct Medical Doctor in Orthopedic Surgery of the National Taiwan University Hospital. His professional focus is Minimal Invasive spine surgery including PELD, PSLD and vertebrolasty.

Dr. Kuo-Tai Chen

Dr. Kuo-Tai Chen is currently physician at the Department of Neurosurgery of the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Chiayi in Taiwan. He did a fellowship in Minimally Invasive and Endoscopic Spine Surgery in Korea and followed various courses on this topic all over the world.

Dr. Fu-Cheng Kao

Dr Fu-Cheng Kao is an Assistant Professor at the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan and is practicing in the Spinal Section of Orthopedics. His interests are Spinal Surgery, Spinal MIS Surgery, Spine Infection Surgery and Traumatology. He is an active member of various associations and worked on scientific publications regarding spine surgery.


M.D., Ph.D
Dr. Musa Ibrahim Ph.D, F.W.A.C.S. is a Specialist Pediatric Surgeon trained at A.N. Syzganov Scientific Centre of Surgery, Republic of Kazakhstan. He is currently a head of Neurosurgery at Murtala Mohammad Specialist Hospital and a Medical Director at PSC Prime Specialist Hospital, Kano, Nigeria. In 2019, Dr. Tunc Koc, introduced Dr. Musa Ibrahim Z to spinal endoscopic procedures and since then commenced the practice of Endoscopic Spine Surgery. He is a pioneer in endoscopic spine surgery in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa. He authored many scientific works in leading world scientific journals.

Dr Leonardo Giacomini

MD, MSc, PhD
Dr Leonardo Giacomini is a Brazilian neurosurgeon in the city of São Paulo. Director of Clinica Melaredo (São Paulo and Brasília) and work as Neurosurgeon in chief in 4 private hospitals. He has a large experience in endoscopic spine surgery and is a enthusiast of minimally invasive surgery in spine. His focus in this field is in transforaminal and translaminar endoscopic discectomy with a large experience using the Tom Shidi Needle. He obtained his master and doctoral degree in the State University of Campinas, one of the best in Brazil. Presents a commitment to the teaching of young neurosurgeons in training in spinal endoscopic surgery.

Dr Francisco Alexandre de Paula Maturana

Dr Francisco Alexandre de Paula Maturana is a Neurosurgeon from São João da Boa Vista city in Brazil. Neurosurgeon in chief in a private hospital and director of Clínica São Francisco . He completed his degree in medicine at State university of Campinas in 2003 and his specialization in neurosurgery in 2008. He started his specialization in minimally invasive techniques in spine surgery in 2011. Since 2013 ,he has been mainly dedicated to minimally invasive surgeries and has performed over 600 endoscopic spine procedures.

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