why maxmorespine®

Through his vast experience performing over 13.000 minimally invasive spine surgeries and development of the original transforaminal endoscopic spine system in 2000, Doctor Thomas Hoogland is credited as a pioneer in the field of spinal endoscopy. His experience and competence has been applied to set new standards in endoscopic spine surgery worldwide.
Other endoscopic systems are challenged by difficulties in handling, inability to access and treat all pathology, ease of use, and versatility. The maxmorespine® system permits a safe, precise and efficient access to and removal of all herniations, particularly L5-S1.

Portfolio Overview

Tom Endo Stick

State-of-the-art, autoclavable, rod lens endoscope with clear resolution, true color reflection and brilliant illumination. Large working channel with two lumens for irrigation and/or outflow. Our scopes are gold soldered: 100% leak proof and longer usability.

Spinal endoscope: TOM ENDO STICK

Connects to standard endoscopy camera and light source


3.7mm or 4.1mm OD to accommodate access or accessory requirements.

maxmorespine TOM Shidi Needle

Innovative two stage design.


TOM Shidi Point Tip for maximum precision.

Tom Shidi Needle

The TOM Shidi Needle enables targeted access and orientation to the superior articular process (SAP) for unparalleled precision and safety.

Manual Bone Drills

Proprietary, cannulated drills are specially designed with a blunt-tapered atraumatic tip which prevents damage to the nerves or dura.  Side-cutting provides both safety and efficacy during the foraminoplasty. Sequential drills are attached to an ergonomic, quick-connect handle for maximum control.

mamorespine Manual Bone Drills

Durable, reusable Bone Drills: 6mm-9mm


Disposable Bone Drills: 4mm-5mm


Ball Handle for maximum tactile control



Specialized instruments offer precise handling and removal of pathology, for all situations.

  • Micro Forceps
  • Suction Punch
  • Kerrisons
  • Abrasion Devices
Instrumentation: Micro Forceps
Instrumentation: Suction Punch
Instrumentation: Kerrisons
Instrumentation: Abrasion Devices

Working Sleeves

An assortment of working sleeve tip configurations are available to provide pathology access while protecting vital structures.

  • Plain Cut Sleeve
  • Small Cut Sleeve
  • Long Cut Sleeve
  • Dual Cut Sleeve
Working Sleeves: Plain Cut Sleeve
Working Sleeves: Small Cut Sleeve
Working Sleeves: Long Cut Sleeve
Working Sleeves: Dual Cut Sleeve

Instrument Container

State-of-the-art, durable sterilization/instrument container with two trays accommodates the full maxmorespine® system.

  • Instrument Container
  • Instrument Top/Bottom Trays
  • Instrument Container Small
    (for Transforaminal Access System)
Instrument Container
Instrument Top/Bottom Trays
Instrument Container Small (for Transforaminal Access System)

Custom Instrumentation

While we are confident the maxmorespine® system contains all the necessary instrumentation to access and treat each lumbar disc level and all pathology, we welcome the opportunity to design and develop custom products.

Our strong relationships with our leading industry partners provides unparalleled response time and quality craftsmanship to bring new product ideas to the market at affordable prices.  Hoogland Spine Products quality system enables the regulatory framework for which we can offer this special service to our customers.

Contact us today to discuss working on a custom product to better suit your clinical needs.