Gold Soldering Process for the new MaxMoreSpine Endoscopes

Endoscopes from MaxMoreSpine have the possibility to not only be gold soldered at the proximal end – also at the distal end of the endoscope there can be a sapphire window gold soldered into the outer tube.
While welding is a technology to connect metal and metal, gold soldering is a technology to connect metal and glass. It is possible with a special procedure on which we have been working the last years.
Gold soldering connections have been tested in different situations and the result wasn’t even one broken endoscope due to sterilization mistakes. Fact is that because of different sterilization methods and aggressive processing liquids, which are not intended to be used with endoscopes, the glue can be attacked, becomes softer and allows liquids as blood or water to come inside the endoscope. This can’t happen with the gold soldered endoscopes.
Advantages of the gold soldering process
100% leakproof
Possible for all diameters from Ø 5.5 mm up to to Ø 2.1 mm
Not susceptible to aggressive sterilization methods at all
More resistant than common endoscopes
Longer usability for doctors
Less reclamation cases