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Hoogland Spine Products was founded by orthopedic surgeon and inventor Doctor Thomas Hoogland in 2006 in Munich Germany. Doctor Hoogland had a vision to develop, educate and distribute instrumentation for targeted surgery to treat herniated discs, disc degeneration and facet joint pathology. Doctor  Hoogland had performed over 15,000 minimally invasive spine procedures from which he incorporated his extensive expertise in the design of the maxmorespine® system and the philosophy of the procedure.

Who we are

The company is built upon over 35 years of experience in the field of arthroscopy, endoscopy, spine surgery and instrument engineering. The Hoogland Spine Products Company has a strong management team who play a vital role in the operation, business and product development as well as customer support. Our global exclusive distribution network shares in our passion and commitment to build the maxmorespine® brand, support our customers, and, facilitate better patient outcomes.

What we do

At Hoogland Spine Products we produce endoscopic instrumentation which enables doctors to treat lumbar spine conditions with utmost safety, precision and effectiveness. The company is committed to partnering with researchers and educators to advance the science, knowledge and performance of endoscopic spine surgery.

Why we do it

Hoogland Spine Products is driven to provide the highest quality products, education and support to improve the techniques and outcomes of spine surgery so patients can resume their lives as quickly as possible with reduction or elimination of back pain.

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