A minimally invasive
alternative to traditional
open spine surgery

Procedure Overview

Transforaminal Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Spinal endoscopy continues to gain significant interest and create a variety of new opportunities to improve patient care. We would like to introduce you to the maxmorespine® system which provides a safer approach, greater precision, wider indications, less instrumentation and reduced disposable costs.

FINALLY, one system for all lumbar herniated discs, especially L5-S1.


If you’re interested in learning endoscopic techniques or seeking more precise endoscopic instrumentation, use the following links to find out how our solutions fit your needs.


If you’re a candidate for spinal surgery, use the following links to learn more about endoscopic spine surgery and how to find a local physician performing the maxmorespine® procedure.

Workshops & Conferences

Workshops & Conferences

Our workshops include experienced faculty who deliver presentations on anatomy, indications and technique along with live surgery observations and cadaveric hands-on demonstrations and guidance.

December 2017, 08 - 09 | Long Beach CA, USA
February 2018, 02 - 03 | Rotterdam, The Netherlands
April 2018, 06 - 07 | Rotterdam, The Netherlands
June 2018, 15 - 16 | Rotterdam, The Netherlands
November 2018, 02 - 03 | Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Global Education sites

Conferences 2017 / 2018
You can see the maxmorespine® system at national and international spine conferences:

KOMISS, Incheon, Korea | December  01 – 03, 2017

EUROSPINE, Barcelona, Spain | September  19 – 21, 2018

NASS, Los Angeles, USA | September  26 – 29, 2018